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The highly anticipated zappi smart EV charger: available to pre-order for August installation

Zappi is perfect for people who have installed solar panels.

"Exciting times are ahead, and this is just the start. We're very proud to be a MyEnergi accredited-installer and so we're pleased to be on the cutting edge of smart chargers, now offered to all our clients." - Andrew Nemes, Operations Director, Eco Power Energy

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Myenergi has launched an updated version of its zappi EV charger, one that it says “bridges the gap” between renewable generation and electric vehicles. 


This internet-connected, remote-controlled charger has truly re-defined the term 'smart charger' with three charging options available, and technology which allows zappi to automatically charge during off-peak hours. Solar capability assures you clean energy, right from your own home. 


Eco Power Energy is proud to be an approved installer of Myenergi products. zappi is in high demand, so please don't hesitate to pre-order yours with installation. 


Send your quote request below; we will be in touch to find the right one of the four zappi chargers for you, and offer you a no-obligation quote. 


Remember, 95% of our clients qualify for the £350 OZEV grant, too. 





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Solar capability and dynamic load balancing

Economy tariff sensing and timed charge settings

Always a head-turner for the neighbours!